Western Mountain Greenhouses

Greenhouses and High Tunnels since 1996


We offer three styles of commercial houses, any length up to 200 feet long, 4-foot bow spacing, with either CS or CT support system (see below). The two most common sizes are 30’ x 72’ and 30’ x 96’. All frame parts are American made steel, galvanized inside and outside, triple coated.

G Series: Gable type, 6-12 pitch, 14’ 6” center height.

Quonset: Half circle, 15’ center height, simple design, very strong.

H Series: Combines the strength of a quonset with a gable design. Sides are that of a quonset with the top 12 feet having a 5-12 pitch. Center height 16’.

All commercial structures come with posts of 2-7/8” 20W pipe to be cemented 2’ in the ground. Bows are 2-3/8” 20W pipe connected at center ridge with 2-7/8” 20W pipe welded to the proper pitch with holders on top for the center purlin.

CS Support System (Center Support):
Posts are placed at 12’ intervals the length of the house. Ridge beam is placed using 2 x 10 x 12’ boards, select structure or hand-picked #1 F&L (wood supplied by customer) and held in place by metal straps from center purlin. End brackets fasten to end wall framing and center brackets every 12’ join the 2 x 10’s and have connectors for the metal posts. Center posts can easily be removed for summer farming season.

CT Support System (Cable Trusses):
Galvanized steel cables are connected to each bow. Clearance is above the roll bar of your tractor. Cables are pre-made with all hardware included. Easy to assemble.

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