Western Mountain Greenhouses

Greenhouses and High Tunnels since 1996

The Growing season in Montana and surrounding states lasts 90 days at best. You can extend that to 6 months with a Western Mountain Greenhouse. (In the event of a late spring or early fall frost, a small portable heater can keep the greenhouse from freezing — sometimes even beyond 6 months.)

New in 2022!

  • We are now distributors for Harvest Right Freeze Dryers and have a good supply on hand with the best prices available.
  • Insulated Greenhouses

Seven Reasons to Have your own Greenhouse

  • Food costs are rising and will likely continue to do so in the future.

  • Organic-labeled foods are gaining in popularity, but more and more of our food is coming from foreign countries. The only way you really know your food is organic and safe is to grow it yourself.

  • GMO (genetically modified organism) foods are prolific in America. Some people don’t understand how they are produced, others are furious. Are they dangerous? Are they safe to consume? The reports are conflicting. Planting non-GMO seeds may be the best option for your health.

  • In the event of a local/national emergency or distribution problem, grocery store shelves could be wiped clean in three days. Self-sufficient food production is very important.

  • Owning a greenhouse and growing your own food will encourage a healthier diet. A fresh food diet adds healthy years to your life and your family’s.

  • Gardening is enjoyable, therapeutic, and family friendly. So much more in an atmosphere where wind, rain, deer, and weeds are easier to control.

  • Plan for the FUTURE! By not using hybrid seeds, you can save and use your own seeds year after year.

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