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Life Sketches & Company History

Company Goals & Purpose

Our existence is not to see how much money we can make or how large of a company we can become. We want to help our customers prepare for the future. America and the world are changing. Raising your own food is a good idea now, and may become a necessity in the future. On a commercial scale, providing fresh healthy produce is a valuable service for your community.

Some companies donate a portion of profits to a charity of their choosing. John D. Rockefeller, founder of Standard Oil Company, donated 10% of his profits to charity. Bill and Melinda Gates (Microsoft) have donated millions over the years to public schools and to the Hillary Clinton Foundation. Newmans Grape Juice, Buck Knives, and scores of other companies support a charity of their choice. We choose to give back to our customers by offering material and products free of charged dealing with health, self-sufficiency, patriotism, etc.. For those with a Christian background, we have books, DVD’s, etc., covering Christian history, devotionals, and children’s books and DVD’s (not Harry Potter).

We have:

Western Mountain Greenhouses is a family owned business. Our overhead is kept to a minimum. Our vehicles are well-maintained and reliable, but not new. At this point, no salaries are paid out; all funds in excess of actual costs are added back into inventory.

Life Sketches & Company History

I (Harlan Galbraith) grew up on an Iowa farm in a Christian family. Father was raised Methodist and Mother with Catholic background. Kindergarten through eighth grade, I attended a small public country school. Farm families were a mixture of Presbyterians, Methodists, Adventists, Nazarenes, Baptist, etc., None of this made much difference – America was a Christian nation back then. The government approved textbooks covered Darwin’s theories but we were taught creation, not evolution. The Bible was one of our textbooks. We learned the origin of mankind, memorized the 23rd Psalm, John 3:16, etc.. We had prayer each morning to begin the day and no one opened their lunchbox or sack until someone asked God’s blessing on our food before we ate.

During the Korean War, farm boys were the last to be drafted – I never was. In ‘59 and ‘60, I attended a Christian Junior College in Texas. In my early years I was in direct sales, purchased a small factory in Iowa, traveled to many foreign countries as a technical engineer, and was in charge of setting up new factories. I did not have the proper degrees for that position, but was qualified by reason of experience and expertise.

In 1976, I moved to Bozeman, Montana, started a produce business growing sprouts first, adding hydroponic tomatoes and, later, distributing other produce throughout Montana, North Dakota, and northern South Dakota. Business was good, too many employees, and I was overworked six days a week. In 1985, I moved to rural Troy, Montana, built my own house, shop, and all that goes with them. Had a small welding shop, designed and built various machines, and in 1996 sold the first greenhouse. I did not design or make the kits, but purchased them from a company in Oregon, and brought them here four kits at a time. The kits were beefed up for our area, but many of them collapsed from snow anyway. I began adding supports and extra bracing to these purchased kits. The first frames for our own kits were formed in Spokane, Washington. Eventually we purchased two used forming machines and completely rebuilt them. Later we purchased a new much larger machine, all computerized, etc.. The original two machines are still in use here at our Troy, Montana, location; however, commercial kits are manufactured at a larger facility in Libby, Montana.

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