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New for 2020!

We here at Western Mountain Greenhouses have been busy this past year researching ways to help prolong the life of your greenhouse investment!

Knowing that sun rays increase the temperature of metal/galvanized pipe which in turn initiates the breakdown process of polypropylene, reducing its lifespan, we consulted with professionals in the chemical field for assistance in finding a product that, simply applied, would adhere to galvanized metal yet not harm polypropylene.

We are pleased with the product we discovered that addresses this very need and are excited to pass on to you PRO-C17.

The Test Pilot: (test of product's effectiveness)
The challenge was to conduct a study of perhaps ten years of using greenhouse poly into one summer.
The industry standard 6m 4-year warranty poly usually lasts 6-7 years in Montana (our summer sun is not as long or intense as in southern states). For our test we used construction grade poly which barely lasts one season of summer sun.
I made a frame 2’ wide x 6’ long using wooden 2 x 4’s. On the lower edge of each 6’ side, I fastened a strip of wire-lock channel. Across the top I put a 6’ piece of galvanized pipe identical to that used for greenhouse frames.
I then coated every other foot of the pipe with PRO-C17, let it cure for 6 hours, then covered the frame with construction poly. Next I added a 2’ wide piece of our shade cloth in the center. Lastly, I set the frame on a roof facing full sun.

Obvious Conclusion:
White coated metal does not deteriorate poly as quickly as uncoated galvanized metal does. Also, poly lasts longer even over galvanized metal if covered with shade cloth during hot summer months! While there is no guarantee, we believe the coated frames should add years to your poly life.

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